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Question about monthly specials


Novice Member
Apr 7, 2005
I had a show the end of June and intended to close it for June so I could get the charm and the 50$ in freebies but my flaky host wouldn't answer her phone last night so I didn't get to close it. Anyway seems as though she really wanted the July specials and not the June specials. She wants to know now if she can get the July special? In pampered partner it asks what month you want to submit for, do I HAVE to put June or can I put in July? I have done lots of shows but never run into this before. I am not too motivated to fudge anything for her she has been a pain.
Thanks for your help.


Jun 6, 2005
Well it's not that easy. The submit for month is only for recording purposes for you to pull up the monthly sales report and list what you sold and closed and received for commission that month. If she is someone you have a good relationship with or not this is what needs to be done and you deside.

For one the show date would need to change to July instead of June. That is what trigers the host and CUSTOMERS Specials and allows only that months items to be entered. With that any customer that ordered the June special will now not be able to get the "grilling cards" for free. That cost $5 a piece and if she didn't have anyone order them that would be ok. Next you need to look for the customers that would earn the July special of " free chilzane bowl" with a $50 order. And who's to say they may have wanted take the other special with the forks free. Depending on the number of orders and specials and how good the host is, which if she didn't get back to you and you lost out, you decide. Good luck and hope this helps. If you need any other help. let me know.