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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Question About Adding To Website

  1. CarlyK

    CarlyK Member

    I am going to be doing a March of Dimes online fundraiser, where all of my friends and fellow mommies can purchase some things and feel good about donating to a great cause that many of us feel strongly about.

    My question is this, I want to enter this into my website, but it keeps asking me for a First Name and Last Name. Of course, I really don't have one, so do I put my name and info into it?

    Also, it asks for the show location and the ship-to... since these are going to be for people all over, what should I fill out for that, since it is going to have to be a direct ship?

    Thanks in advance. I am just trying to figure this out, and I'm confused! :confused:
    Mar 8, 2006
  2. chefkeri

    chefkeri Member

    I want to know too ???

    Hi !
    Good luck on your Fundraiser.
    On my website I also have a constant running Catalog Show, so that my guests who purchase can take part in the monthly guest special (if they are interested)
    I have put me as host & my address as the ship to, but in my note (if they see it) I ask them to have it direct shipped to their address..... I may be opening up a can of worms.... I haven't decided yet.... :p

    I would be interested to see what the general info is on this.... My suggestion is under your Calendar put the fundraiser & in description you tell people to direct ship...

    Maybe we should email HO to give them our ideas... on having 1 more option on the show entry drop down menu. :cool:
    Mar 8, 2006
  3. soonerchef

    soonerchef Veteran Member

    I too feel strongly about The March of Dimes, it's our charity of choice as our twins were 8 week preemies.

    As for your questions, whenever I do fundraisers I always use my name and my information. If people order for the fundraiser they will then enter your name as the host, hence you are doing the fundraiser. As far as the address thing, it doesn't matter what address is there because you will get an e-mail stating that you have an order for your show/fundraiser, you then take that order and put it into PP, once you have collected all of the internet orders you send in your fundraiser through PP. I can be more thorough if need be.

    People can't submit individual online orders for the fundraiser. Individual online orders go straight to HO and you only get an e-mail saying someone ordered from your site with their info.

    Personally, I would only make sure that out-of-towners are direct shipped. I would deliver all of the in-town orders.

    Hopefully what I have said makes sense....
    Mar 8, 2006
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