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Putting together show binder


Jul 23, 2005
Hi! I am working on my show binder, but being kinda new, I have NO IDEA what to put in it! Any suggestions? Also if you have any flyers, info sheets etc that you could post, I would be SO grateful!

Y'all are awesome, thanks,
Jun 8, 2005
PC flyers

Aside from putting in the host special pages from the Kitchen Consultant Magazine, I ordered the bridal shower flyer and the fundraiser flyer from Pampered Chef. They aren't expensive and they're really well done (especially the bridal one) Plus they send you a few (10?) so you can use the extra copies to put up around other places.
My director has a copy of one of her monthly commission statements (which I was envious to see was like $3000.00--probably an exceptionally good month) to inspire potential recruits!! My commission statement right now wouldn't inspire anyone, so I don't use that! :D



Mar 27, 2005
I have two diff. binders

I have two binders, one for recruitment and one for show bookings. In the recruitment one, I have a copy of an e-mail send by my director to all the team congratulating one girl on her £1000 show which shows the support we get - I also have a photograph of a cake my daughter made and it says "The products are so easy to use - it's child's play... my 13 year old daughter made this cake using the Springform Pan Set I earned for free as part of a Consultant Special!". I have a picture of me and my daughter on a ski trip - my first commission cheque paid for the spending money. I have a photograph of me and one of my hosts that says "Our happy hosts benefit the most - £74.25 for free at no cost to me!" I also have a copy of the tick sheet that came with my Super Starter Kit Products - with all the boxes ticked. In my bookings folder I have all kinds of ideas on different show themes and pictures of products they can spend their host points on. I have also got pictures of products that a particular host chose with her host points. There are a couple of recruiting bids in, but mainly booking bids for School Fund Raisers, Bridal Showers and Theme Shows.
Hope this helps.



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Apr 12, 2005
My Theme Show Binder

Here is the table of contents and cover letter that I use for my theme show binder. I also put in the host rewards flyer and the monthly specials for two months in the very front then the next 10 pages are my theme show binder, I put them in a recruiting binder because it has the PC logo on it and a place to put business cards. Got 2 bookings at my last show from this book. I would post the whole book here but is just to big.


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Those themes all sound fun! I have seen posts here for some of them but not all. Would be interested to know how you would do some of them!