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Profiterole Puffs

To Pre-Bake, or Not to Pre-Bake the Puffs

  • Do the full demo with the non-PC pan at the show

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • Offer the hostess a "free" second demo and do just the puffs filling part at the show

    Votes: 14 87.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Dec 28, 2005
My hostss for next weekend has requested the profiterole puffs for her demo. I have/can get all the tools needed except the saucepan. I would feel weird doing a PC recipe in a non-PC pan, so if it's ok with her I was going to mix up and bake the puffs before the show, and do the filling at the show. However if I do it that way I feel I'm cheating her out of a full demo, so what would you guys do? Do the full demo and use a non-PC pan, or provide a second recipe and while that's baking do the puffs filling demo?


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Jan 30, 2006
I couldn't choose either of your answers, so here's what I would do:

Bake and cool the puffs ahead of time, then tell/show them how you did it. "Air Demo" about the puffs...telling them about the cookware and it's advantages. You can even bring your MMpan and show the spritzer, the small scoop, etc. If you are talking about all of the products you used and showing them the ones you own, they are going to learn from you.

Then, make the filling at the demo and fill them in front of them. I don't think you will be cheating them out of anything! I HAVE the saucepan and a plug in burner so I COULD do the entire demo in front of them, but that is not what I am choosing to do.

My May shows will be the Profiterole Puffs with pink tinted filling and pink tinted white chocolate on them!


Jul 18, 2005
I have done the Puffs for a show but what I do is bake then ahead of time and use them as a second recipe that I just finish up while the first one is in the oven


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Mar 6, 2006
I would definetly go with making them in your house (but dont fill them till you get there) Also with the pink for May. A great way to transport them would be in the rectangle Chillzanne! :cool: Have everyone come up & help you fill them to show how easy the EAD is to use:D ;) ;) ;) If you need any help let me know? :cool: Ginger

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
I have

Done them ahead of time and filled them at the show, it was GREAT.....everyone had fun with it and I sold 1 of the EAD.....
I have a party this week and am making them again one for easter and a bunch for my show Wed. and will freeze those....maybe save a couple to show how you fill?....

These are wonderful, I WAS, key word WAS a very "limited" cook and baker, since I started, the puffs are my fun thing along with the pull apart breads....and other items....the DH and kid are LOVING it.....:D