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Products in Stores!


Feb 22, 2006
Well I just returned from the grocery store where I saw:
~a batter bowl
~a stoneware baker
~a bamboo carving board
~adjustable measuring spoons
~silicone scrapers and oven mitts
~a pizza stone and rack
~an ice cream scoop like ours
~a food chopper

This really discouraged me. I just wanted to run up to every lady perusing these items and give them a catalogue.

Is PC in danger if these products are so readily available elsewhere, although I TOTALLY realize that the quality would be crap and with no guarantee. Scary, nonetheless.


Gold Member
Jan 26, 2006
The patents ran out on some of our gadgets.....at least that's what I thought when I started seeing Food Choppers and US&G's. I have seen garlic presses, vege peelers, vshaped cutters, and who knows what else....

Kitchen Guy has an amazing quote in his sig line.....something about disposable income for disposable merchandise.


Jun 5, 2005
If you read Doris' book, when she started this company she went looking for products to sell. Most of these could have been bought in stores but people just didn't know how to use them. When customers come to a show they see how to use that item and the other uses as well whick they couldn't get in a store. And I our products come with a warranty that most don't have buying from a store.


I think it is true that some of our products can be purchased elsewhere. For example, I have seen our same scoop available at high end grocery stores and at Williams and Sonoma. I have seen a Measure All cup that it very similar to ours in the King Arthur flour catalog. Here's the thing, though... in both cases, ours was less expensive! Seriously! Same with our pie dam and our pastry blender. (King Arthur again... )

So, yeah, a few of the gadgets are available... but we have a BUNCH of exclusive items and I have heard that the inferior stones out there really are inferior. I think our products are excellent... and very reasonably priced.

Feb 14, 2006
Funny you mention this! I saw a measure-all cup almost exactly like ours at the Dollar General store tonight!! No kidding! I was on the way to a meeting in fact when I saw it...it was only $1. I wanted to buy it just see what the differences were. I think the statement about how people sometimes don't know how to use the products until we show them is true. If I weren't doing PC, I would have never noticed it. I am also a big believer in the warranties too. Just my 2 cents. ~Kristen


Jul 18, 2005
Super Swat

For those of you looking for a discontinued Super Swat I found them in green and white at The Big Dollar Store. This was awhile back - but you never know!



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Nov 3, 2005

I went to wal-mart and started walking down this one aisle and everything was like something from pc. I bought a citrus press b/c I don't have the money to buy one from pc. The one i bought was $2 so I don't know how long it will last. I can't remember which store i was in but they had an ultmitate slice and grate for just a few dollars and it had every piece that ours had. i almost bought that too. I know pc's is so much better and plus it comes with a warranty.