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Product Clip Art

Sep 20, 2005
Does anyone know where to get those little black and white images of different products for making flyers? I called PC and they told me that they were only available to directors and my director says she doesn't have any. I'm trying to make some host bonus flyers for my host packets. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Apr 12, 2005
If you have a scanner you can scan the pictures from the catalog that you want and save them. Then you can use them as clip art.


What I do is go to your own website, as a guest, and click on products.

click the category of the item you would like to see.

move your mouse over the picture and right click.

click on save as or save target as. That's it.

save your pc pictures in its own file so you can find them. I use this to make all my fliers. You can print out a master then go to your local copy store and print as many black and whites you'd like.

I also use the pictures in my monthly emails to past hosts and guests. I also include a recipe of the month. My sales have definitely seen an increase. People like to see what they might miss out on :)

I hope this helps.