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Product Adjustments - UGH!

Sep 6, 2005
:mad: It seems like for the last three months or so , every show I do has one or more items MISSING. I've never had a broken item or even a wrong item, but there seems to ALWAYS be something missing. I always just do the online product adjustment, have the item shipped to my house (or the guests) and it arrives in a few days - no problem. So in March, I did 2 shows - both were missing one item. Then in APril, I did another 2 - this time, three were missing (one from one show and two from another). The can strainer was missing from the first show so I did that adjustment - it was approved immediately and the second show the Jumbo BBQ turner and baster/brush were missing. I did that adjustment and got a message saying they would issue the reference # as soon as the request was approved. Since I usually get the approval immediately, I thought maybe I had done something wrong so I called HO. The girl who took my call was SO rude. I'm not kidding when she acted as though I was LYING or something about the products being missing. (As if I really need a BBQ turner or baster brush THAT bad - GIMME A BREAK!). She really made me feel as though it were MY fault that something was left out of the shipment. I'm SO mad right now!

I don't understand - is there a limit or something on how many adjustments we are allowed??? If that's the case, they need to get their acts together and make sure the shipments are right before they ship out. The last couple times I've called HO for stuff I've gotten NO help at all. Seriously, it's made me reconsider whether or not I want to keep doing this. They are forever messing stuff up which would be OK (if not terribly annoying) if they didn't treat ME as though I was wrong for calling to complain. UGH!


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Jan 13, 2006
I have had many problems with shipping issues. I finally got tired of calling them and started doing my shortages/mistakes over the PC website. It is much easier.

I guess I am used to it, it has been happening since I signed in January, so I just figure this is how they do things (get the orders wrong).


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Nov 3, 2005
It feels like almost every show something is missing off of mine as well. For me it's frustrating, & I understand how you feel.
I also understand about HO, they do have some very rude people. I kept calling my director to tell her about it, and she didn't understand untill yesterday. She took an extended vacation after the PC Cruise, and had 5 adjustments to deal with. She got someone that was upset that she didn't do the adjustsments while she was on vacation. Oh well I avoid HO unless I absolutely have too.


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Oct 6, 2005
If you are having problems with the person on the phone, ask to talk to a supervisor immediately or write an email to the HO to tell them about your experience.

Thankfully my shows lately have been much better, but I had a few months there where every show had something wrong.
Sep 6, 2005
So last night the host calls me and tells me that she found the stuff she thought wasn't included. She had accidently given it to the wrong guest. :rolleyes: So I call HO IMMEDIATELY to cancel the adjustment - she assures me that it will be cancelled. I just got an email saying that the adjustment shipped - checked shipping status and Yup - it sure did ship. DOUBLE UGH! If I were a less than honest person, I would totally keep it for all my trouble. :D
Mar 2, 2006
I had a cancelled order ship. (customer cancelled within 3 hours of placing order, and was told not to worry that it would be cancelled) I even called to confirm that.. They had put a recall on the package and as soon as it was scanned by UPS, it would be sent back to PC. Well I keep tracking the package, and it wasn't being sent back so I called HO again.. and was told to call UPS!! (the guy said that they couldn't do that) I'm thinking WHY NOT you are the PC???? So I ended up calling UPS, and was told that they couldn't put a stop on it until it was at the last place before being on the truck for delivery. And I would have to call back then. Well, it arrived at the final place at like 4:15 in the morn, and then immediately placed on truck, delivered by 10am. I didn't really have time to do anything then. I called HO, and was told by this idiot (didn't know anything) that it isn't even in the computer that the order was cancelled or recalled!!! So I emailed the company, and got a phone call, and then she called the customer... Needless to say my customer is pulling her hair out, because now she is waiting for the UPS man to come get this package. He will be there withing 5 days.. so for 5 days she has to leave this package on her porch and hopefully it gets back to them. The reason she cancelled is b/c the order mistakenly got submitted as an ind. order instead of for the Fundraiser. OH wel... You may want to try and contact UPS, but don't hold your breath on them being able to do anything.:confused:
Sep 6, 2005
I'll call UPS and PC when it arrives. I'll leave it here for a couple weeks for them to pick up. If they do great. If not, it's mine and into my "pick" basket they go. Seriously, I've already put more time into this stupid thing than necessary.