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Pampered Chef: Host Coaching Product adjustments for host

  1. This may not be the right place to put this but...........

    I did a show a year ago for a host and later on she signed under me. However, she was a kitnapper and even admitted that to my director. She just told her she never intended to sell PC, she just wanted the kit. Anyway, it's been a year since her show and she called and said a stone broke that a guest had ordered. They live out of town so I went online and did the adjustment and emailed her the page they need to print out and send back with the stone. Then she said two of her products were broke and needed to be replaced. I did the same thing with her and emailed her the page she needs to send back with the products. I didn't offer to pay shipping and I noticed online today she still hasn't sent the products back. The status says "received".

    The guest with the broken stone lives in another state so I don't feel like I should go get the stone and send it back. And the host lives about 45 minutes from me. Would any of you paid the shipping for all that or had the host take care of it. She hasn't said anything and may not be expecting me to do it but once I sent her the information to include with the products, I never heard from her again.

    I've paid the shipping for hosts many times but this girl is a kitnapper and got a lot of products from PC for very little money. She may have thought she didn't have to send anything back and thought they would just send her the new products. I just want to know what to say should I hear from her later asking why she has to pay the shipping.

  2. doughmama

    doughmama Advanced Member Silver Member

    No, you did what you needed to do. I don't pay for shipping for broken products unless it is a VERY good customer and something that will not cost a lot to send back. Send her an email, tell her you see that she has not sent back her broken items and send her the info again. The rest is up to her.
    Apr 3, 2009
  3. candiejayne

    candiejayne Veteran Member

    I don't pay for it . Just tell her it's past the 30 days that HO pays for it and as part of the warranty they only pay for return shipping within the first 30 days.
    Apr 3, 2009
  4. pcchefjane

    pcchefjane Senior Member Gold Member

    She got enough "free" through you. I would follow up with the customer that was the Show Guest just to be sure she understands... The kitnapper should do it herself completely... Shame on her!
    Apr 3, 2009
  5. Thanks! I wanted to make sure I wasn't looking at this wrong. I'll give her a couple more days to send it back then I'll call to make sure she got the packing slip info to send back. She hasn't mentioned that she thinks I should pay the shipping but I have a feeling that might be what she's thinking. I get paranoid about things sometimes. I just wonder why she hasn't already sent them back.
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