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Prep Bowls

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
Oh My.....I tried the eggs in the prep bowls....what a wonderful treat.;)

Took 2 eggs, splash of milk, whipped in some peppers....put it in the micro...gotta keep a check on it, when it rises, stop and stir quick.

But flipped it onto a plate, put a piece of cheese over it and Viola....a great breakfast treat....:p

Today, I'm onto the mini micro cakes....only PC can making cooking this easy AND fun.....:D


Veteran Member
Jun 22, 2005
I used to make the eggs in a coffee mug for me kids when they were a year old... flipping it out like that then cutting it into bite size chunks, a one year old can then pick it up and feed themselves scrambled eggs! I did this almost every morning when they were little.
Know anyone with sextuplets? lol