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Pray for my Best Friend

Crystal Patton

Advanced Member
Sep 29, 2008
My best friend, Brandy, called me yesterday and told me she has a heart condition. I am soooo worried about her!! :(
We have been friends through thick and thin since Jr High (we joke that it's only been 5 years LOL). She moved to Florida several years ago with her husband and my Goddaughter. In 2007 they seperated - she moved out leaving him the house and all the furnature, the divorce became final in Jan 2009. He was being a &^%*@ about the whole thing and he hasn't stopped. He fights for visitation and then drops my Goddaughter off at his Dad's, he is under investigation by Child Protective Services for giving her alcohol, it's horrid and I feel so responsible because I introduced them in High School. :cry:
Anyway, the valve exiting her heart on the right side is defective (I don't remember the real-technical words because I was trying not to cry on the phone while she told me this). It pulls in 1/3 of the blood it pumps out. So she has really high blood pressure because it is pumping so much.
She is being told to reduce her stress, don't do anything strenuous(sp?) and eat healthy. She usually works 10 hours a day to pay all the bills, fortunatly she does enjoy her job.

I have already placed her and this whole situation in the hands of the Lord, I know that He can handle it. Mostly because I can't. I know the power of prayer and how you guys are such prayer warriors. Please ask the Lord to help her in whatever fashion she needs, healing, stress-relief, He know where she is needing Him.

Thank you guys!

Ann F

Advanced Member
Gold Member
Nov 11, 2004
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray for your friend.