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PP question


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Feb 20, 2006
I am not sure how to do this...In February Rachel had a cooking show and Barb booked a party for March. When I contacted Barb about confirming her party for the date she stated she wanted to do (2) parties; 1 in March for family and 1 in April for friends. I said "TERRIFIC". Can Rachel use the past host discount for March and April for Barb's parties? Remember, when I closed out Rachel's party I only listed Barb for one cooking show. Will Pampered Chef recognize both of these? Barb is coming over tomorrow to close out her first show (over $1000 - my first one!!!). Any ideas????


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Feb 20, 2005
I answered you over on WLPCtoo but here goes. Only Barb's original booking that was submitted with Rachel's show will count for Rachel. So....Rachel can get the March's host special as the past host at Barb's and Barb can get the March special as the current host.

Book Barb's second show under Barb and that way she qualifies for two specials in April. She can then purchase two or let Rachel purchase one.

Clear as mud?