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PP Question: Canadian credit cards


Feb 3, 2006
Ok, here is my question. My mother-in-law is currently visiting us from Canada. She saw a catalog and wants to order something which I will add to a catalog show I am doing. The order will be shipped to me, and then I will just ship it to her myself.

OK here is the question. What address do I put down for her on this show? Do I put her home Canadian address? My address? Will there be any complications for home office to accept her credit card? Will it be denied?

She prefers to support me and not have to find a consultant in Canada to order something.


Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
I did the same thing for a friend in the US.
I just listed her address as c/o mine. And I put her credit card number in PP and I never got a phone call saying it was declined.