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Potential Recruit Question



Hi All,

Just wanted to get your opinion on something:

I have a potential recruit that told me she was interested in signing up. I gave her some information and told her that I would call her in a little while to go over it. I called a total of 3 times, no call back. Anyway, her mom decided to host a catalog show this past week. So I thought about asking her if she had heard from her daughter and does she know if she is still interested in PC. Do you think that would be appropriate? I was going to do it tomorrow, but I wanted to get some opinions.


Carla :)


Legacy Member
May 24, 2005
my opinion

I dont think it would be a bad idea to ask her mom if her daughter had talked to her about becoming a consultant, maybe the daughter is afraid to tell you that she wasnt interested after all. Good luck with everything


I would ask her also if her daughter was still interested. That way, maybe her mom could be one of her first 6 shows! You could even use that to her advantage and let her know you already have one of her shows lined up for her.


I wouldn't....

I wouldn't ask anyone other than the person who is interested about their intentions. Could be that she's not sure how to tell you. Could be that she hasn't spoken to her mom in 5 years. Could be that her mom's not supportive. There are lots and lots of reasons not to. If she's interested, she'll call. All you can do is call her back ocassionally.