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Posts on the PC Facebook page....


Mar 10, 2011
Verbatim, my post in response to a rant on the PC Facebook about the registry issue. In my post I promised to post here and on CS so that others have a chance to respond in an appropriate forum for negative reactions that do not belong in a public forum such as the Facebook page.

Beginning of quote from Facebook post

A couple quick notes: Lisa is a consultant, Square allows you to process credit card transactions outside of your PWS (www.square.com).

As far as voicing concerns, Amy I know your intentions are good. It isn't you! This type of things happens on this page every day and I hesitate to say anything, because....well because it's not the type of thing I feel should be done in public. Today I'm making an exception. Here are my thoughts. Your opinions may differ....

I don't believe that consultants realize how their interactions here impact our customers, potential customers and potential recruits. Think about it this way, how would you feel about a company that's Facebook page consisted of basic business questions, whines, complaints and rants from their employees 25% of the time?

As an example, how would you feel about an airline whos page contained posts from the mechanics, pilots, flight attendants along the lines of "does anyone know how to file a flight plan?" " How do I get to Chicago airport, I have a flight tonight and I have no idea where I'm going?" "I don't know why the HO won't let us fly the XYZ plane, everyone loved it, I can't believe it was grounded" "does anyone know how to operate the secondary hydralic system on the 777?" "What's the red light on the left side of the cockpit panel mean. Can I still fly the plane?"

Would you want to fly this airline? I sure as heck wouldn't, it sounds like these guys don't know what they're doing!

Or how about "does anyone know how the oxygen masks work" "when do we get paid" "It really upsets me that they won't consider a flight I took March 1st as part of my February activity" "grr, why doesn't the software update by itself" "is our website down again, I can't log in" "I'm really upset that they changed our benefits" "I haven't received the free gift that they're supposed to send if I did my job last month" "They messed up my schedule again" "got my pay check in the mail today, the envelope was ripped open/beaten up/wrinkled" "they increased the baggage check fee from $4.50 to $4.75, that's ridiculous. No one will pay that" "business is lousy"

What would you think about the airline and it's staff after reading these types of questions and comments posted by the company's representatives on their Facebook page? I would be pretty turned off. And if I was thinking about signing on with an airline I'd go find a different one - one whos reps appear to be know what they are doing and who don't complain about the company (at least not in public), one who appears to provide their reps with training, resources, and the basic info they need to do their jobs.

How would you feel if, as a customer you posted a question about whether or not your non-refundable ticket was refundable and the reps who responded all told you it should be, just call HO. As a customer I want/expect accurate information from the reps.

Clients will, all by themselves, post their concerns, compliments, complaints, questions and comments here. We don't need to start a post so they can do that. Oh, and by the way, if you want to reply when they do so, please reply with accurate info and in the same manner in which you'd like to be treated if you were in their situation - supportive, professional, understanding.

Ours is an amazing company, a great opportunity, a fun, flexible way to earn part or full time. We have great products and recipes. It's a fun gig! If you don't know the answers to your business questions there are appropriate ways to obtain them. If you have a gripe, there are ways to address it. This is not the place for it.
My opinions, yours may vary. I will post this note in Consultants Corner and CS so that there is an appropriate forum for negative reactions that do not belong in a public forum such as this page.

Have a great day!!!

End of Quote from FB Post
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Jul 25, 2007
Totally agree!! I posted last night on a couple that I didn't feel like HO's facebook page was the best place for them to rant about stuff like the registry because our customer's see that too.


Oct 17, 2010
I agree! It would be nice if FB would have a setting that allowed HO to preview the posts first and keep the consultant posts off their page. Maybe in the future - if not already (I'm not a FB guru).


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Sep 9, 2010
they do, but when I've contacted them they tell me that they leave posts provided they don't violate FB's rules. I think that's silly. I remove posts that sound like a consultant is making a comment from my page. I don't mind other consultants making comments, but I don't want to scare customers away with shop talk on my page.


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May 13, 2010
This is exactly why I started the thread HERE on CS about the registries instead of on facebook. I, honestly, didn't even think to post there and just now went and read what people had posted. I think HO should be deleting post on the FB page if they aren't appropriate.


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Apr 12, 2006
I rarely get on the Pampered Chef facebook page because it is mostly consultants talking. I forgot about it until I saw this post.