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Postal Mail to Customers

Jul 29, 2017
Hey Everyone!

Last season I did a mailing (mini catalog w/letter) to my customers as a way to reach out. The mailing was kind of pricey (54 people at around $0.50 each). What do you do?

My customers are varying ages and some will admit email is lost on them. I tried to send something by mail to get everyone interested. I’d like to do something more effective.

What are you doing that works?

Thank you!
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Jan 19, 2006
Perhaps send to past Hosts only.
Send an email that they need to respond to (maybe updating their information -- address & telephone number) in order to receive the mini-catalog.
Do a survey with only those who respond getting the mini-catalog.

Basically, make them jump through a hoop before you send anything.

Perhaps you could do a Phonevite (instead of an email) with some sort of response required on their part.

And remember, the cost of the postage and catalogs are tax deductible.
Mar 11, 2018
Remember to send follow up emails every time. I find that people don't really tend to look at physical mail. Like my aging aunts.