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Possible new recruit


Feb 16, 2006
Hi All,
Great news!! I have a possible recruit (my first) and I really want to not scare her away so what do you recommend?

She is a college student looking to earn extra cash and have a flexible job. Ideal! So, please share some ideas, they are greatly appreciated.

PS I just finished my SS2 and made my goal of $1500 in sales. I am on a roll, hopefully May is as sweet!



Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006

First off congratulations on a new recruit!! And only into your SS2 month!! That's fantastic!! I am still waiting for my first recruit!!
Well this job would be perfect for anyone looking for extra income and flexibility. I suggest you have her come to one of your shows so she can see how it works, what you say, what you do, how you demo, etc...
Then maybe you could go with her on her first show, to make her feel comfortable, to encourage her and to help her if she needs it (some people are natural cheffers!!)

Have her fill out her 100 people to contact about having a show. Also have her ask friends, family first that way she will be comfortable the first few times she does her shows. I'm sure her college friends have mothers, aunts, cousins, etc that would love PC products!!
Remind her that she should schedule parties when SHE wants to do them. Depending on her goals for monthly income, sit down with her and figure out how much she needs to make per month to get that much commission.
It's fun to set goals and it encourages us to work harder!! Tell her to have fun and she'll enjoy every minute!!

Hope this helps!!


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
I always like to have a possible recruit come to one of my shows to see what I do and see how easy it is. I also have them sit with the guests but take notes if they like so that if any question they might have pops up they can ask, plus if they are sitting with the other guests then it might spur a recruiting conversation.