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Pampered Chef: Please pray for my son's surgery this morning.

  1. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    My little boy (13 months) has a corrective surgery scheduled for tomorrow (Friday) morning, 7:30 am AZ time (same as CA this time of year).

    Please pray for the surgery to go well, pray for the doctors & nurses, and for our family.

    Thank You!!!
  2. gailz2

    gailz2 Senior Member Gold Member

    I've started my prayers for you and your family, especially for your little boy, Joshua. I'm sure all will go well. Stay positive.
    Apr 24, 2009
  3. DessertDivaFL

    DessertDivaFL Veteran Member Gold Member

    Holly, the Lord will be with him! He is so precious and has a loving God to protect him and guide the doctors and nurses.
    Apr 24, 2009
  4. WLMcCoy

    WLMcCoy Advanced Member

    Sending lots of prayers!!
    Apr 24, 2009
  5. tlag1986

    tlag1986 Veteran Member Gold Member

    Sending you prayers........
    Apr 24, 2009
  6. twinchefs

    twinchefs Advanced Member Gold Member

    Sending prayers too.
    Apr 24, 2009
  7. You & your family will be on my mind & in my prayers until we get an update from you. Please be sure to post when you feel up to it. God Bless! Sending hugs ~ Marey in Michigan
    Apr 24, 2009
  8. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    Thank you so much for all your prayers. Joshua is home and doing well. Surgery was a success. Now he just needs to heal. He is taking a nap now. Personally, I'm so glad it is over and we are on the mend. I learned today that it is so hard to see your little boy go through a surgery. However, I am so thankful that advancements have been made and it is possible.
    Thanks again! God Bless ~ Holly
  9. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member


    So glad to hear the wonderful news. There were a lot of us praying. . .even if we did not post it here. Now we'll pray for a quick and easy recovery!
    Apr 25, 2009
  10. letscook04

    letscook04 Senior Member Gold Member

    Glad to hear that his surgery went well!!!
    Apr 25, 2009
  11. gailz2

    gailz2 Senior Member Gold Member

    Likewise, I'm so happy all went well and he is securely and lovingly at home!
    Apr 25, 2009
  12. dkitten13

    dkitten13 Member

    So glad he is doing well! My son had open heart surgery at 11 days old but I can't imagine having him home and then handing him over to the surgeons! God has truly blessed out doctors! If my son were born 50+ years ago he would not have survived!
    Apr 25, 2009
  13. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    I was out of town, so missed this thread. I'm glad to hear that things went well. I've prayed for your son's quick healing.
    Apr 26, 2009
  14. kristina16marie

    kristina16marie Advanced Member Gold Member

    Praying for a quick recovery! My son's name is Joshua too!
  15. Thankyou for updating us. I thought about you since your post and was hoping you'd give us a quick update. What a relief that it's over...give that little angel a hug from his Pampered Chef friends!

    Take Care, Marey in Michigan
    Apr 26, 2009
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