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Please i am breaking any rules


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Mar 21, 2006
I have a question. I was looking to see if you can do this. I know they say you can email people to send them your website. I am holding a catalog show online only due to we are in the middle of having work done in the house. i wanted to make sure i am breaking any rules. can you post a messages on fourm broad with your website that your having a catalog show online only. Please i don't want to get into trouble for it this is what i say it on:
I am having a catalog show online only to get me out of inactive. Can anyone help. i am trying to get my new product so i can start having kitchen show. I am giving free shipping on order over $50.00. Plus free shipping and free tax for order over $100.00. Plus i will have the products ship to you without any problems.


Please help any questions please feel free to email me.


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Jan 21, 2005
I know that you can not put your website on any forum but I would think you could post that you're doing a catalog show and give them your email address but I am not sure.

You are breaking the "rules" by having your website on your posts here BTW.


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May 20, 2005
Consultants of every level are prohibited from linking to Personal Web Sites. This includes both sponsored links and banner ads that you pay for, as well as non-sponsored links that you don’t pay for. For instance, if a friend posts a link on their family’s Web site to your Personal Web Site, you would be in violation of this policy.

There are only two very specific exceptions to the linking policy.

The first pertains to Fund-raiser Shows. If you have a Fund-raiser with an organization that wishes to post a link to your Personal Web Site on their Web site, you may do so only with prior written approval from Consultant Career Solutions.

Fund-raiser links may only be active for 60 days.

The second exception pertains to personal electronic communications. You may continue to include your Personal Web Site address as part of your contact information or signature on e-invitations, any e-mails that are currently available through your Personal Web Site and your personal e-mails to your customers. These communications may link to your Personal Web Site. This also includes any electronic mail pieces that may be developed by our new licensed merchandise vendor.

The ban on linking also prohibits the following:

Listing or linking your Personal Web Site in Internet directories or search engines, such as Google or Yahoo.
Purchasing or using a separate domain name to re-direct visitors to your Personal Web Site.
Linking to Consultant’s Corner from any Web site.
Linking to The Pampered Chef® corporate Web site from any Web site.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your Personal Web Site is not linked to any other Web site that violates these policies.

Other than signing up for a Pampered Chef® Personal Web Site or approved vendor sites like Visual Impact Products, do not list the company name when filling out personal profiles on the Internet.

You may not purchase lists for e-mail marketing purposes. Spamming is not allowed.

You may not sell any Pampered Chef® products — current or discontinued — through online auction houses (like eBay.com) or on any Web site other than your Pampered Chef®Personal Web Site.

You may set up a chat room or e-mail newsgroup ONLY to communicate solely with other Pampered Chef® Consultants about the business. Please do not mention, advertise or promote your Pampered Chef® business on any chat rooms, other than those created for communicating with other Consultants.

These are both off of CC