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Please Help!


Aug 5, 2005
OK, first thing is I've never done a bridal shower. I live overseas and they don't happen over here too often!
I was talking with a customer who has a sister that is getting married in June.
She would like more information about the bridal registry.
Where do I start???
I'm so sorry but I'm a little confused how all of this works, plus I know everything is changing March 1st.
I have a website so I can put the brides wish list on there. I also don't understand if the bride and groom receive all the benifits or does the host?
What kind of paperwork will I need to buy from the supply order? Do I need to get in contact with the bride or should I play telephone with the host (who lives over here)?

I'm really sorry if none of this makes any scnse?! :eek:
I just need a little guidence.

Thank you SO much in advance!


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Did you get your changeover paperwork box yet? There's a great packet on all the new wedding stuff. it has examples of the all the flyers and invitations that we'll be changing to. Once you'll see those, you'll know what you need to order from paperwork/supply. There's a nice flyer that explains the wedding registry. Someone here on chefsuccess made a nice flyer that explains the Pampered Chef WEdding Show, so you can even use that. Good luck!