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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Please help with a file?

  1. pc_am1

    pc_am1 Guest

    Hi All. I am looking for a file to put on index cards for a Pampered Bride show I am doing on 12/17.

    I am looking for a file that has each item ALONG WITH the price so that I only have ONE think to paste on an index card and not multiples.

    Please help as I couldn't find anything in the files.

    If you have such a file please email it to me.

    I am also looking for a gift registry form that I would type in names and products purchased from the registry. I purchased 2 of these on my supply order but I don't have the greatest handwriting so I thought something typed would be better that was also very pretty and professional.

    [email protected]
    Dec 2, 2005
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