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Please help--script for personal website


Aug 24, 2005
OK, this can't possibly be as hard as I'm making it. I have a show on the 31st and the host sent all the invitations by email through my PWS. She would like me to send an email reminder this week, but none of the scripts fit. Any ideas on some wording that will remind them but also keep the fun, energetic feel?


Silver Member
Dec 20, 2005
an idea

Hi Wendy. I too was looking for the same thing earlier in the week, and here's what I finally came up with. The email title says, "Come Join Us!".

Email Text:
"Would love to have you join us for a Pampered Chef Cooking Show! Please let us know if you'll be able to attend so that we can plan a menu full of yummy surprises. Hope to see you there!"

Then the email has the option of RSVP, which I totally love!! Some people just aren't phone people so this is a wonderful option.

I know it's short and sweet, but it adds a little interest. You could also add a personal note mentioning the menu for the show if you wanted to. Hope your show goes well!! :D