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Please help - mystery host!!!!


Mar 11, 2006
i need help - i held an open house which was a huge success!!! i have enough sales to get my 2nd super starter bonus as well as my first plus bonus and enough points for the panorama to get the stir fry skillet!!! i stupidly put my name as the host - and don't know how to change it!!! i submitted it yesterday as it has to be in before midnight tonight to make it for april sales!!!! is there anything i can do to change the name???? i will be missing out on over $400 in sales and 5 pan sales b/c they are listed under the host order!!!!! please help!!!!!


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Mar 17, 2006
I would call H.O. ASAP! Explain to them that you meant to have the order shipped to you as a convenience to the host. The address should have read:

Suzy Host
c/o PC Consultant
Your address

I've had several orders shipped to me addressed that way.

I did make a mistake one time and left my host address in when I transmitted the show that I wanted shipped to me and they graciously changed it for me. Thank goodness too because it was my friend who lives in a 3rd floor apartment and the order was 10 boxes!!! I thought I was going to have to sit in her apartment and wait for UPS to deliver it.

Lots of luck to you!