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Please help me decide!



Everyone here has such great ideas and I really need some suggestions. I am having a holiday open house with a few other vendors the first weekend in November and I need some ideas of what to prepare. This is the second year we've done it and I know a lot of people will be coming back, so I want something great. Everyone loved the Beer Bread Mix and Dill Dip last year, but I want to do something different this year. The event will be Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon, so I need something that is relatively simple and can be left out for a fairly long period without spoiling.

Also, last year, I made the cakes from the mini fluted pan and displayed them and it was a huge hit, so I was thinking about making mini-Barbi cakes in the prep bowls this year. Is that too much? I would like to display a few showstoppers, but again, I can't decide which ones.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. TIA :D


Veteran Member
May 20, 2005
The velvety chocolate truffles are great to make for a booth, they go over very well and are only 4 ingredients besides what you decide to coat them in. You could suggest to make them for christmas gifts also. They are in the Season's Best cookbook and I also made the fruit dip in the desserts cookbook it is a lowfat and diabetic friendly recipe, and very very good I must say, it also went over very well. Maybe make up one of the batter bowls with the gift mix and tag to show off also. Hope this Helps. :D