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Planting the hosting seed

Jan 31, 2006

I'm curious how people mention hosting during their show. I mention it 3 times, but wonder what others say. One way I mention it is by explaining the host program, but I'm thinking that is too much information at one time.


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Jul 23, 2005
at the beginning of my shows I fire a couple questions at the ladies. do you like to shop? do you like to shop for free? of course you do so why not host a show and go shopping for free on us!! later i go over the whole package of hosting and then casually mention it again before I close and ask when they are checking out if they want to book a show.


Mar 2, 2006
I'm realizing I need to do this sooner in my demo rather than later.... Waiting till the end is a no-no...



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Sep 7, 2005
I do it in the intro and at the end. But think I may need to add it to the middle somewhere! But dont' know exactly at what point yet? I do the same for the PC opportunity and should mention that 3 times as well!
Jan 10, 2005
I've never posted before, so bare with me. Someone in my cluster gave me this idea, so I cant take credit for it. This is what I do at my shows to talk about the hostess program throughout the show. Not sure if it will help you, but I know that he helps me remeber to talk about hosting a show.

I have a small gift bag on my display table and then I tell all the guests that everytime I say the words host/hostess, they are supposed to snag the bag from someone else. Throughout the show, it reminds me to talk about hosting. I even have guests ask me questions about the hosting program to get the bag moving. At the end of the show, the last person holding the bag wins.
Jan 24, 2006
I used the "book to look" from another thread and booked 3 shows off my last one! It totally works. I suggest you try this. It is a great way to get bookings and you won't feel like you are being so repetitive.


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Jan 17, 2006
Host benefits

I just started doing this and it works out great. I have many bookings with this idea and I haven't had to really give away anything to my hosts except for the host thank you gift I give all my hosts. Homemade chocolate bars, or cookies, or something from the supply order form that they choose.

I get every guest to write in the back of the order form three things they would love to have if money were no object. I ask them to list the item and the price. I give them a few minutes to do this while I talk about the New booking benefit for hosts, and their 10% off for a full year. Every month our hosts are eliglible to get a product at 60% off. This month in April you can choose from the .... and the ..... !!

I ask them to add up their total for the three items.

After they are done I ask them to tell me what they chose, I call them one by one in small groups or I call just a few in larger groups. I then call out some of the most popular items I usually hear (which is usually what most of the guests have chosen):
Cookware sets
Rectangle Baker
Entertaining Set
Woven baskets
Food Chopper
LArge Round stone

Then I begin to show them how hosting a show will get them FREE products, half price items, and a discount on my average show which is $500! We turn to page 47 and go through the benefits. As I am explaining this I expect them to pay attention, because I have let them know I am going to quiz them and whoever gets the most questions correct wins a prize!!

We go through the $500 line and we see that a host will get $90 of FREE products, 2 1/2 price items, and a 25% discount.
Now what a bargain it is to get $90 deducted from the products you have chosen. For instance you could get the Large Round stone, Woven Round Server, Cranberry Rectangular Baker and the Food chopper for only $46. Now take 25% off that $46!! You save even more now, because your total has dropped to only $34.50.
The 12 piece Cookware set is offered to our hosts at half price for only $285!!! What a great offer especially since this is a lifetime guaranteed product!!

Now remember no matter how much you buy you get FREE shipping!!
Look at the benefits at $600, $700 or $800. I had a host reach over $1,000 so it can be done! Imagine all the FREE products you would receive at that level.

Now I start to ask questions and we keep track to see who remembers the most of what I just said. Winner gets a prize. I get many bookings with this idea!! Many people don't understand the extent of the benefits. This actually goes pretty quickly and explains everything. Plus they get a prize for listening!!


Aug 24, 2005
I use

I use the book to look and pass the prize and both have worked well.

But recently - and I am sure I got this from this site. I have been hiding Pink post it notes in a page of the catalog - that says

You have won - see me for details. Then I tell then that if they host a catalog show - they get a gift from and if they host a cooking show I have a wide variety of things that I give away or free shipping for guests or something. or sometimes a totally free show - depends on my monthly sales.

This has worked the best and everyone can at least show a catalog around.