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Planning Open House


Mar 6, 2006
Has anyone done an open house without offering some type of refreshment?

Unfortunately, I have lost my regular job and now I figure maybe I should really try a little harder with PC. But I truly cannot afford to spend extra money on things for refreshments. I just wanted other peoples input on this type of open house.




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Feb 24, 2006
are you going to do an actual party? if so, I would not call it an open house. my director pointed out that if you call it an open house, people assume they can just drop by whenever they want, instead of when you want to do your party.

if you are doing an actual open house, then yes, I would expect some type of refreshment


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Feb 17, 2006
I would expect some type of drink as well, but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. You could just serve water and lemonade...it might cost $1 for the lemonade concentrate. I know what it's like to be hard pressed, be creative and you will find that a lot can be done cheaply.


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Mar 12, 2006
You could do a "party on a budget" theme...let's think, ladies and gents, of how to do this...

Everything GENERIC!!!
>Lemonade - idea from above
>Water - pretty much free :)
>Popcorn is usually inexpensive - if you have an air popper
>Asian Beef Noodles is made with ramen...maybe make it without the beef and add lots of cheap Napa cabbage?
>make rice crispy treats in the cookware as guests mingle
>make your own pb&j with the cut 'n seal
>curly fries made with the APCS and then baked on a stone
>mashed potatoes in the rice cooker and then piped with the EAD
>grilled cheese in the stoneware bar pan
>potato chips made with USG and baked on a stone

Make sure to make things you would eat - you will probably have leftovers. Check through your cupboards to see what non-perishable items you have on hand and do a recipe search on the website. Everything that is hands-on is a big draw and usually helps with sales.

I wonder if you could have a HWC open house and ask your local grocers to donate a few items in lieu of purchasing? I would go with a few recipes and/or ingredient lists for the GM to choose from. And make sure to invite him/her to the party!

We need a "cheap recipe" option on the Recipe Search section on the website!

Also, don't forget that all this is a tax write-off as a business expense! That won't help you now, but it will when taxes come around next year.

Whew...I'm exhausted. Can anyone think of anything else?


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Nov 3, 2005
Now I had a host, who was on a tight budget so she asked everyone to bring one item for the pc party, everyone that had an item came to the show.
It worked well for her, people are always glad to help!:D