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Planning Open House


Jan 23, 2006
I would like to run a idea through you all. I am planning on doing a open house in May hopefully. But I was wondering about when I do the flyers (we live in a neighborhood so I might just do half at a time) but, put something on them like bring this invitation for a chance to win a free prize. And like do a drawing every 15-30 minutes or so and have the invites numbered so that is corresponds with it. Maybe that will get more people to come if they know that by coming they automatically have a chance to win something. Just a thought. Would you do a demo or just have product and food out and just talk about it all. I know it would be to many people to have time for any kind of demo.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
This is just my opinion. For a neighborhood Open House I would have some food out and products displayed. I wouldn't do a full demo. I would work the room and talk to everyone that shows up about hosting a party and the business opportunity.

Good luck and tell us how it goes!