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Pampered Chef: Pizza on the Bar B Q

  1. Aunticooks

    Aunticooks Member Gold Member

    I've seen some people talking about doing a pizza on the barbeque. Is that using our stoneware??
    I have a couple of guys that want to do outdoor parties and aside from using the Large turner/beer opener and grill basket I was wanting to do something else too.
    :chef:Any suggestions. I know a lot of questions in 1. sorry but thanks for any help.
    Apr 30, 2009
  2. wadesgirl

    wadesgirl Legend Member Gold Member

    NO! Don't put your stoneware on the grill. The temp ranges so much and is direct heat, it can crack your stone.
    Apr 30, 2009
  3. Aunticooks

    Aunticooks Member Gold Member

    Then how do you barbeque the pizza?
    Apr 30, 2009
  4. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Legend Member Gold Member

    Here is the recipe I use for Grilled Pizza - it's from the Casual Cooking Cookbook, I believe. It's on the Outlet right now.

    Attached Files:

    Apr 30, 2009
  5. Aunticooks

    Aunticooks Member Gold Member

    Thanks Becky, guess I'll be grillin pizza this weekend as my trial run. really freak the hubby out! I love to try different things and watch his reaction. He never knows what he is gonna git.
    May 1, 2009
  6. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Legacy Member Gold Member

    Grilled pizza is one of my favorites!!!

    If you want to use reagular dough for a real brick oven flavor 1st make sure all your toppings are prepared and on a tray of some sort. Grease up your grill really well. Olive oil on a towel , and use tongs to apply. Or I just spritz with the spritzer.

    Oli both sides of your dough. Do small personal size pizzas. Cook on low heat!

    Cook on 1 side for just a few minutes then flip and add toppings. Close lid for a few minutes to get everything melty. YUMMMM!!!!!!
    May 1, 2009
  7. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    when I am using scratch crust, I parbake it in the oven and then transfer to the grill.

    or you can just use a Boboli or other already baked crust. Those work well too.
    May 1, 2009
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