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Pink HWC Bags


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Mar 17, 2006
I'm doing several HWC fundraisers with only HWC products. Since I'm not charging shipping for the seperate orders (I'm going to divide the orders into seperate shows and put them on only one or two orders - I'll pick-up the shipping charges). I found that people are more inclined to purchase these smaller priced items knowing that they don't have to pay shipping charges......plus, there's a good cause behind it. Then it dawned on me, after I got started with brainstorm, that I wouldn't receive enough PC bags with the orders. uh oh....dilemma....

Well, I found these cute pink plastic bags on ebay that I'm going to deliver the products in. They aren't very big (9x12) but even if someone ordered several of the HWC items they will still fit in the bags just fine. I received them yesterday and they will work just fine. The item number on ebay is 7615206744 they are sold in lots of 100 for 11.99. I was thinking about using the ribbon stencil and sponging it on in white or gray - not sure how well that it would stay on the plastic though - do I need to use a certain type of paint?

I'm also attaching my HWC letter and order forms for you all too. They may look familiar to some of you as I got (stole) these ideas off this site and changed them up just a bit to 'make them my own'! (I guess that's a little like plagiarizing - huh?!) I have two order forms. One I'm giving out to friends and using in my catalog host packets (it can only be used for HWC orders, if they want to order other things, they have to use the regular form and pay s/h). The other form is 'girlscout cookie type' that I'm handing out at the bank, dentist office, friend's office, I'm attaching it to the front of a 9x12 envelope......I hope this is useful to you.

You all have such great ideas! I'm grateful to have found this site. I have already noticed that my sales and bookings are increasing since I started using some of your ideas.....Thanks so much!!!!



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Mar 27, 2006
Thank you for sharing this information! It is really great. I just checked out the Ebay auction and those bags are really nice.