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Pineapple run sauce recipe


Advanced Member
Mar 28, 2008
So I was going to make pork/pineapple skewers for Sat... well, I defrosted a large ham instead of a pork roast. oops. oh well. i cut up the ham into little chunks and marinated it in the pineapple rum sauce and baked it on the bar pan. I cut up pineapple with the wedger and used the skewers to serve it. two ham, one pineapple, repeat. It was AMAZING.. not to brag. It was not me that made me so great. It was PC!! I get so many great recipes from everyone here, I wanted to share an idea. We jsut warmed them on the grill later when ready to serve.


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Sep 26, 2007
Re: pineapple rum sauce recipe

Great idea for my "left over from a family reunion" ham chunks -- a totally un-boring idea. (So far, all I had were boring ideas of what to do with it - like ham sandwiches and breakfast things.) Thanks for sharing. We will do this for sure. It's looking like a very pineapple-y fourth of July weekend for us since we are already making a Pina Colada cake. Yum!​