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Pie Crust Shield


Aug 7, 2005
Alright...this may seem like a silly question, BUT...my newly ordered pie crust shield DOESN'T FIT when used with the deep dish pie plate...the only pie plate we sell. It sits on top of it, but certainly doesn't fit around it. And the cut out holes on either side are way to small for the stone's handles. Has the pie plate changed since I bought it a few years ago? Am I pie shield challenged? :confused: Any help would be appreciated.

Feb 22, 2005
Mine doesn't either. I never read the Product Use and Care Guide on this but I was confused at first too. I just rest it on top of the edges of my crust and it does keep it from browning too fast. There must be a reason for why it is the size it is I am just not sure why.


Jul 6, 2005
Lol !! Mine Too !!

Yes , last fall I sold a ton to go with the pie plates, i got so many complaints about that! Iam clueless as well !! Anyone else know why ! :)


Jul 12, 2005
From what I know, the pie crust shield isn't supposed to fit perfectly to the dish. The reason it sits on top is to cover the entire outer crust without flattening or completely covering it. Most pie crusts do not fold on top of the dish. I make mine to stand upright, then I cover the edge with the pie crust shield.

There may be a "cooking" reason as to why it doesn't fit over the top completely--I just don't know it :) What I do know, is that this pie crust shield has taken the frustration out of trying to fit small, torn pieces of aluminum foil around my pie crusts-and then keep them on while putting in the oven.


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Feb 2, 2005
I remember reading somewhere that it is suppose to just sit on there and not actually "fit" over the crust. I am not a pie baker, so mine doesn't get used much. I had a lot of people ask for them before we had one and I was excited when we got it. But, it won't fit on any other pie pan. It won't work for frozen pie crusts in aluminum pans. It is not a very universal product. Haven't sold anymore since the first season.


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Aug 11, 2005
The purpose of a pie shield is to protect the edges or top of the crust from burning or overbaking. The proper way to use the shield is to rest it on top of the outer edges. If it was pushed down, the crust would crack, and may bake unevenly. If you feel that the shield does not work as well when the crust is raw, bake the pie just until it starts to color. By this point the crust will be firmer, and you may find that the shield rests on top of the pie more easily.

Personally, I have used the disposable foil shields that come in sections and the PC shield. Ours is easier to use. However, I did find that the shield fits best on a glass pyrex 9-10 pie plate with fluted edges. This may be the secret as the fluting elevates the crust more.

I hope this helps with an explanation for your customers.