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Personnal Website Problems


Mar 27, 2005
Okay has anyone else noticed that when you look at someones personnal website that sometimes when you go to look at the news or calendar sections that you get this message: "Direct access to this page is prohibited".

I noticed if you re-click on the home page and then try again on the news or calendar pages it sometimes works.

But I just had a customer complain about this to me this morning. So if we are having this problem then how many orders are we missing out on because it happens to customers too and they just don't try it again?:mad:
Mar 2, 2006
I have had it happen to me with my own webpage. I know I have looked at other consultants and the same thing has happened. I don't know why. But yes, it concerns me that customers are coming to my webpage and see that message. Seems like there are ALOT of issues with different things. Hope it gets resolved soon.


Mar 7, 2006
Log in

How long has it been since you've logged in to update your site? I found that as soon as I logged in through CC, that message for my visitors went away. Not sure why that happens, but at least that fixes it for now! You don't actually have to 'update' it, just go in to where you would and then you can log out and it's fine. Seems to last a couple days, then have to do it again. :(
Mar 2, 2006
I update my site a few days, I have a fundraiser going on for my daughter's school, and post the guests sales every couple days.. So that everyone knows what it is up to... But still get that message occassionally..


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May 20, 2005
These are off another message board, HTH

Ok...just got off the phone with tech support.

Looks like I'm not the only one! cajunchelle and I were just talking and she's having the same problem. Then the tech support guy says hold on...

He talks to his supervisor.... His supervisor said it's something that has been reported by a lot of consultants and the issue has been passed on to the development department. He doesn't have a time frame as to when the issue will be resolved but will email me when he hears anything.

So the good news...I'm not completely crazy. The bad news...no time frame!!

Guess that direct linking thing is coming back to kick them in the butts! Sure it's no problem for me to click my Need a Recipe? link first to get to see my other news...but if I were a customer and had no interest in my 3 news pieces on the homepage and went directly to >more and got that message, I'd close the window down and forget it! Not good!




I noticed the same problem, and it is not you. Mine does it, and so does my director and a sister director.

From what I can tell, if you try to access any of the categories on top you will get an error message. From the bottom, they are fine. I hope that makes sense.

Also, if you go to another category (i.e. products - from the bottom link, of course) you can then go to other areas of the site without problem. It is just the home page links that seem screwed up.

I had those problems and it drove me crazy. I couldn't update my site easily. I called tech support and they said my problem was I was using AOL. Now, I get internet access by logging on to my AOL, but then actually access my webite or PWS assistant through Microsoft Internet Explorer. Now, I've got no problems! Not sure if you use AOL. but hope that helps.


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Jan 21, 2005
I called tech support yesterday, 4/13 about such problems with my website and they said that they are working on solving all those issues and it should be resolved soon...