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Personal Website updates


Aug 24, 2005
OK, has anybody had any luck setting up their Customer Connection?? It says that all our past host info is already there. Well, um, if it is, I can't see it. I have been about to lose my mind trying to add other contacts, and have had zero luck with it. I am about to start a monthly newsletter and if the kinks are going to be worked out of this, I want to set it up through my website instead of setting it up with my email program and then later switching to the website. I am so frustrated with technology right now!! :mad:

ETA--OK, somehow griping about it did help. :p I've got that working now but it looks like we can only send 3 kinds of emails through Customer Connection...none of them would work for a monthly newsletter. I guess I'll call tech support and see if there are plans to make it more versatile.
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