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Personal Website Question

Feb 16, 2005
I just got my Consultant number this a.m. and have been looking at just about everything in Consultant Corner. I just was going to sign up for my personal website and it looks like the only way you can pay is with the TPC Visa or Debit Card. I am not getting the Visa and do not have my Debit Card Number yet. Am I reading this right? Dang it, I wanted to get set up so I can start spreading my news!!


P.S. Ginger I would have called you but this isn't terribly pressing and it might help someone in the future to see the answer here :)


Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
Yes, you need to pay with your debit card or credit card. SORRY! It usually takes a few days to get the debit card. Usually you can call and get the number over the phone. Since you just applied today, I would call on Friday and see if they have the debit card finished.