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Personal Service


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Dec 6, 2005
I had a stroke of genius the other day. (No, it didn't hurt. ;))

A woman at a recent show said that she was interested in talking with me about setting up a Wedding Registry for her stepdaughter. She also made note of this on her survey slip. I was honored. You see, she did a show last November with another consultant, so I felt it was a compliment that she was interested in working with me on this.

Of course, you and I both know there's not really much of anything for the consultant to do when it comes to a registry. The bride and groom go online and choose what they want. Easy.

I was going over the survey slips a few days later, reading and enjoying the comments, when I came to hers. Many of you know my philosophy of direct sales. It's not unique to me. People can buy the products from other consultants or online. They don't need me. It's my customer care that makes them want me.

That's when the stroke of genius hit. I called her and told her that, as she could see from the information I had given her at the party, setting up a registry is easy. Her stepdaughter just needs to go to my website and follow the instructions. However, I know that many people, especially young brides, have questions about the products. I would be glad to set a time to meet with the two of them (and the groom, too) to walk them through the process and answer any questions about the products along the way.

She was very happy. The wedding's next spring. Her stepdaughter is in Florida until mid-August. I told her I'd give her a call the first week of September unless I heard from her.

Here's my thought. No, I won't technically make anything at all from the long drive (she's about 90 minutes away from me) or the time in the meeting. Still, I'll make commission of anything purchased from her registry. And, think about it. I'll be the PC Consultant who helped. Who do you think she'll suggest if someone mentions PC?

I've decided to start making sure I mention that I'll give a personal consultation for anyone doing a Wedding Registry. It can't hurt.


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Feb 6, 2008
I think that sounds like a wonderful idea! And I would think the Bride would be more likely to mention her PC registry to inquiring guests if you spend the extra time going over the products and helping her fall in love with them.


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Jan 17, 2006
Could you maybe take a few small products with you to show the quality? Esp. the cookware (like the 8" saute pan) to help her fall in love even more. Most of the products sell themselves, but with the higher priced items, it helps to see & feel the product. Just a thought.


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Jul 25, 2007
I actually offer that as a service to all my bridal showers. I tell them that if they would love to meet in person to go over the products and see some in person that we can set up a time to do so. I'm a visual person so seeing stuff in the catalog doesn't actually do anything for me. I haven't had anyone take me up on it yet but it makes me feel good to offer this.


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Apr 15, 2009
It really does make a difference. For each of my registries, I keep in contact with the bride. Those who've used my registry are familiar with PC products and are happy to create the registry. I tell them to invite a friend (maid of honor, mom, etc) and to create the registry together. It's like window shopping with a friend. They can have coffee, a drink while they do it. Another had fun shopping with her fiance.

After the registry is created, I call her to discuss and build enthusiasm for her choices. I also suggest other items she may find handy that she did not include.

I "host coach" her to tell everyone about the registry. It goes a long way at her excitement for her gifts, and the sales are always nice. = )