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Personal Incentive to Increase Sales & Bookings!!


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Mar 29, 2005
Last night I was talking to my husband and trying to get all of my paperwork together for the spring/summer season. I was telling him that I really want to get all of my shows at or around $1000. He is a sales manager and came up with a brilliant idea.

We came up with a promotion that should increase my sales if any of my hosts are feeling competitive!! The concept is whoever is my top show host of the entire 2006 year will receive the 12-piece executive cookware set absolutely FREE!! I had a show 2 weeks ago that closed in at $1330 and this is my 7th thousand dollar show in 10 months. We're hoping that everyone will want to try to win this promotion. It's basically giving everyone a goal to work towards. It's going to help them with Free products and reward me with future bookings and bigger paychecks.

I'm posting it on here to get your feedback. We have weighed the pros and cons of this promotion and feel the pros outweigh the cons.

Also what is nice is if I can get both the 7 & 5 piece sets free with the Pan-A-Rama Promotion. If not, I can get the 7 and buy the 5 piece at half-off. Which makes out of pocket to be $112.50. You'll make that back with an $500 show. (I do want some of the executive cookware but I have all of the professional pieces and love them. I feel like the executive gets way too hot too fast. I swear I have burned my hubbys eggs everytime I have made them in the executive saute pan. :eek: )

I welcome your feedback!!
Thanks in advance!!


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May 6, 2005
Wow! That's an incredible promotion! If I'm not mistaken, you could also buy the sets for 40% off during Kit Enhancement month. Or sometime throughout the year, you can host your own show and get it for 1/2 off. Maybe that's what you meant about getting it for 50% off. I would think that would really movitate hosts! Good thinking. :D
Dec 6, 2005
I like this idea! Co-hosts?

I think your incentive is a great idea, and I'm thinking of doing it, too. Have you thought about if you would include shows that are co-hosted? I always feel that those should be the highest shows (although it definitely doesn't always turn out that way). They could be included, and then if a co-hosted show was the highest of the year, the two co-hosts could just "fight it out" as to how they handled distribution of the cookware? Or limit the competition only to shows with a single host? What do you think would be best?


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Feb 20, 2006
Great Idea!!!

I just finished my SS1 and my highest is $907. I probably would include Host and Co-Host but not Fundraisers. I love it!