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Peanutty Brownie Pizza?????

Apr 25, 2005
Can anyone help me with this?? Do I take the wax paper off of the bottom of the brownie before I start putting the ingred. on top, or do I leave it on. But how do I cut the brownie when I am done with the paper still on. This might be a dumb question, but I'm not sure.



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Mar 13, 2005
if it's the recipe I'm thinking of, you bake the brownie on PARCHMENT PAPER not wax paper, on the large pizza stone. This is to prevent the brownie batter to bake off the stone. After the brownie was finished baking, I just decorated it as usual, leaving the paper there, not worth the trouble to take it off, and it doesn't take away from the looks of it. Might be nice to leave it there so the guests see that you needed to use Parchment Paper to bake the brownie on. Hope that helps
Apr 25, 2005
Yeah, thanks. When you cut it do you just peel the paper off when serving a piece. I thought it was wax paper.


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Mar 5, 2005

When I made this I accedently used Wax paper, it sticks like crazy, you can't get it off! so in the middle of the show I'm trying to pry the wax paper off, and some of the guest had to eat the wax paper, lol. But I did tell them that if I had used the PC Parchment paper this wouldn't have happend. lol
When I make it I leave it on the parchment paper so the guest can see how I did everything. I make this ALL the time now, it's a real hit!