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PC Website

Aug 24, 2005
I am thinking about getting a website ,I was wondering how many on here have it. I am in my 2nd month with pc and not having very much luck with it.
I didn't make my ss month one and I'm not going to make it this month. I am
very upset and aggarvated right now,I am trying so hard. I thought if I get the website, starting a new year that it could help out alot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Jul 29, 2005
Love My Website

I love my website. I do not do a lot of individual ordering business, although this month has been pretty good, but my hosts love the Host site for their shows. You can send e-vites and reminders and guests and rsvp online and place an order if they are unable to attend and it counts towards the hosts show.

I would not get a website thinking it is a miracle pill, you will still need to pound the pavement (so to speak) and make customer care calls and do host coaching. But the site is helpful and hosts and guests like it.
Nov 23, 2005
I love having my website for my hosts to use. I've not had any individual orders from anyone not hosting a show as of yet. I've only had one problem with guests ordering so far and it was because I had mis-spelled the hosts last name. It is extremely case sensitive so when you enter your shows be careful. My host lost out on 2 orders because of that so I purchased a stone for her to compensate her for my error.

The rules have changed for new consultants though. They have limited the available options on your sites until you "qualify". I was lucky enough to have qualified in my first month so you may want to wait to purchase your site until after you qualify ($1250.00 in sales or 4 shows) It states that when you go to sign up the new guidelines will be provided to you. Good luck with your new business!! :D

Copied from the notice sent out to us yesterday:
Consultants signing up for a new Personal Web Site will see these
guidelines in message form on Consultant’s Corner. They will be programmed
into our system for automatic enforcement in January and February.