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PC Themed advertising items


Jan 23, 2006
Good Morning,I am new to the PC world and as a matter of fact, I am

Good Morning,
I am new to the PC world and as a matter of fact, I am still waiting on my kit to arrive. But I am getting very well prepared in the mean time. But I want to know where do you get business cards and paper with the logo on it. I have recently gone to a party and her card has the stone with the taco ring on it. I might be jumping the gun and this info might be in the kit. I am just so excited to get going I just can't wait anymore. What about paper items with the logo on them. Where do I get them. Any help would be great thanks. :)


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Jul 21, 2005
supply vendors

First off congradulations on joining PC!We can get our "supplies" lilke business cards and such thru serveral vendors.We have a new vendor "merrill".You can access their site thru consultants corner.There is also www.nancysweb.com.
Another one is www.directlyfromtheheart.com
Good luck with your business!


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Nov 24, 2004
Upon receiving your consultant ID number, you will be able to access "Consultant's Corner" at www.pamperedchef.com. You will then click on the "Promoting your Business" tab, and "Licensed Merchandise Vendors". There, you can click on the logos and view/order clothing, business supplies, etc.
My suggestion is do not spend a bunch of money on supplies at first. I would recommend a button to wear or attach to your purse (gotten many requests for catalogs by just having a button on my purse), or a shirt, and business cards (or make your own). The best advertisement for a new consultant is you and your telephone. You'll need to get on the phone and start calling everyone sharing the wonderful news about this business you've joined. To make your calling easier, you can follow the script provided in your starter kit.
Congratulations and Happy Selling!