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"PC Stalker"


Mar 2, 2006
I had a group of ladies on my first show that had all been to a show a 3 weeks before. They were all freaked out by their former consultant. They said she called them all the morning after the show, 3 days after the show and then again when the order came in. They called this stalking. After hearing what they had to say about her and her ways I didn't want to call anyone the morning after, or at all unless they marked that they had interest on their show comment cards. I don't want to be a stalker, but I want to show that I care and am willing to help with any issues. How do I accomplish this?



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Nov 3, 2005

I NEVER do morning after calls. It's just my opinion but only reason I would call the next day is if they marked maybe or yes to do a show or if they were interested in selling pc. I do called after the show has been delivered to make sure everything was intact and to see if they have taken it out of the box.....I would probably consider that stalking too, but hey we are run out business differently!


Mar 10, 2005
My director is a big fan of "Morning After" calls. I made them once, thinking that she has been doing this for 15 years and probably knows what works. After the first 2 calls, I stopped. The ladies I called just seemed confused and a little put out that I would suggest that they may want to add to their order, and since I make a point of asking everyone at the show to host, I didn't feel I could ask them again the next day.

I do make the "Out of the Box" calls. I don't usually get any more orders or bookings, but people seem genuinely glad that I called to make sure they were happy with their orders. One lady even called and left a message on my machine thanking me for taking the time to follow-up with her:)


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Feb 17, 2006
I have to admit that I randomly do big MAC calls and I am more of a fan of "out of the box" calls. Sometimes people just don't like to be called...


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Feb 25, 2006

Reading this thread has helped me. Since I only had one outside show so far, I felt uncomfortable w/ the MAC b/c I felt that I had just seen the people and that they might think I was being "pushy" (there's that word again!) so I'm choosing to call them when I know there items are delivered. Then I will go over things such as hosting/recruiting again.

If people think you are a stalker, in my opinion, then they wont want to do business with you. My consultant from years past was just annoying and to be honest, no one that had her as a consultant wanted to deal with her again. Do what you think would be best.. or maybe explain that you understand the past host was "that way" and you are not trying to be.. you just want to make sure they are satisfied with their items. I'm sure they will appreciate you more :)


Aug 16, 2005
I'm the kind of person who likes to shop and have someone available if I need them, but I don't want to constantly be approached. I don't like getting MAC, and I especially don't like getting calls to host a show for a consultant if I have never expressed any interest. I have gotten these types of calls before and get a bit annoyed. If they call and ask if I have any questions about what I purchased, I'm fine with that, :) so that is the only type of call I make (unless of course they express interest in hosting or signing on).


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Jan 24, 2006
I agree - I don't do big MAC's either - I like to send postcards out to all the guests once the show is closed - they basically state thanks for attending host X party, she will deliver the items to you and do you know she received x amount of products for free for hosting...I feel like this way I get my name and contact info in front of them again and then I call all the guests once the order has come in and I know the host has delivered the products. I let them know if they ever need tips, recipes, or help with any PC related questions to feel free to call me. At that time I also like to ask them if they want to be added to my newsletter mailing list since some folks don't put their email on drawing slips. Usually at my show when I am going over the drawing slips I say, "Please put the phone number where you prefer me to call you whether it's home, work or cell...I always say, I am not the PC stalker but I do follow up with all my guests to make sure you are enjoying your products" and they usually chuckle about it!


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Feb 2, 2005
I don't do MAC calls either, and I wait a few weeks before I call to see if people are enjoying their products. When I have called a few days after delivery a lot of people say, "yes I got it, but its still in the box. I haven't had time to use it". I personally do not like to get calls...even as a host. If I need something I will call you, but please don't call me several times asking my to host a show or to give you my friend's names. I try to send a thank you note attached to the receipts. I don't want to bother people or make them feel uncomfortable. Who wants to feel like they have to buy something or hold a show so you won't call anymore. Just my opinion.


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Oct 6, 2005
I prep my guests for my phone calls at the show by telling them that my job is customer service, I will call them to make sure they are happy with their purchase, etc. That way they are EXPECTING ME to call and won't be annoyed when I do.


Mar 2, 2006
I like that Deb... I might ask them if they want me to give them a call, and that way I won't be annoying them if they don't want to hear from me....

Thanks for all the feedback!

Dec 30, 2005
I think Big MAC calls are received well when you say the right things. I have tremendous success with them! I first make it very clear at my shows that i want to be here to help each and every guest and here a ciouple of ways things they can expect from me: 1) Because things are usually crazy at the show and time seems limited for chit chat, I will call you tomorrow to answer any questions you may have about your purchases. 2) I will call a few weeks after your product has arrived to see if it is what you were expecting and if I can answer any questions at that time. 3) I will call you when the warranties are about to expire to make sure everything is still working well.

When they fill out the survey draeing slip I ask for email adresses so that I can correspond by email and they can receive a monthly newsletter with updates and great recipes.

Finally, at check out I usually ask how they would prefer for me to contact them. Many people request calls at work even!

On my MAC I say something like this, " Hey Julie this is Amy P. with The Pampered Chef, and I just wanted to call and thank you for joining us last night. So, what was your favorite part of the show? .... I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Julie I wanted you to know that as i was entering your rder this mrning I recognized that you ordered the Stoneware bar pan, have you ever owned a stone before?... Great well, since you are already familiar with the stoneware then I would just like to send you a little document called "A Day in the life of a Stoneware Bar Pan. It will have some fabulous idea's for recipes, great for your family, and that will get your stone seasoned quickly, We don't want it to be sitting in the box long you know. So, would you rather I send this to you via email or snail mail?" (or if they have already requested email, I may just say, "I just want you to be expecting and email [email protected]") .

Before I conclude, I ask if there is anything else I can do for them, and remind them that I will check on them in a couple of weeks.

I do not ask if they would like to add to their order. I do not ask for a booking. I do not ask for anything from them.. I GIVE!

Other possible question....

Was this purchase for a gift or for yourself?
What do you plan to use...(this product)...for?
Have you ever had a ...before?

I also leave simliar messages on answering machines. Because I am not asking anything of them, why not just say, " Hey julie, Amy P with the Pampered Chef here, and I just wanted to leave a quick message thanking you for your order and for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us. Can you believe I...(something totally air headish that I did) last night? O'well- anyway, I wanted you to know that i will be emailing yolu some great reipes today for your new Stoneware Bar pan, that way you can have the ingredients in your fridge by the time the order arrives. Your host... should receive it by...(date). Again, i appreciated your company last night, and I wil check on you in a few weeks."

I never ask them to return my call, because I only need to hear from them if they need me. I do leave my contact info IN CASE they have any questions.

I often get orders, bookings, compliments, praise, or best yet PLENTY of referrals!

Hope this helps all of you who are afraid of PC cMorning After Calls.


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Oct 11, 2005
I find that when I make the calls and I just thank people for their order right off the bat that it goes much better. Then I ask if they had a good time and if they got everything they wanted. If the person is friendly, then I'll go on to ask about hosting a show (that's where I check the door prize slip). At the very least, I have provided a service that I have NEVER gotten from another direct seller.


I love to make MAC calls! I always position it as a thankyou and an offer of future help. I don't generally solicit parties on these calls... just thank them for attending, let them know when the show closes and suggest if they need to make changes to their order to call me. So far, I don't think anyone has felt 'stalked' !