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PC Pizza Crust mix- using in recipes?


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Sep 8, 2008
Has anyone tried using our PC Pizza Crust mix in the various demo recipes - like Aloha Pizza or California Club Pizza?

The Pillsbury dough is almost more expensive these days! The last batch I bought for the Aloha Pizza (which for some reason uses 2 crusts- too much IMHO) was $2.50 PER Canister! $5 for one pizza!! OUCH! :eek: Since I'm providing the ingredients the next few shows (promotion I did), I think it is cheaper in the long run and tastes better too to use our crust mix! But I wasn't sure if there was a reason they DON't use it. I just used the PC mix for the first time tonight and loved it! I made one pouch and got a large stone pizza and then about a small size (not quite the full medium)- they were more towards the thin-side of crust, but not the crispy-thin. Just right.

If I can get TWO out of a single box at $6.50 before my discount, that seems like a better price, and it might promote our own product more. I can always MENTION that they can use the Pillsbury ready-dough, but for a few extra minutes of easy steps, they have a soft pizza dough (the pillsbury gets tough if over worked) that is cheaper in the long run!

has anyone done this?