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Rant PC orders for Host

Jul 16, 2020
I just closed a facebook party. I think I did very good and it was really easy. I did a little over 600 in sales.
I earned a host special, free gift, 250.00 free product, 3 half priced items, and 25% off my order. I was very happy with this until I went to place my order. I tried doing my 3- half price items,, then my host special, free gift,
then my 250 free and what ever was left on my list at 25% off. I had it figured that I would spend around 125.00 for the large order I wanted. Well It ended up costing me 380.00 because you have to do free first, then half price, then the other and the % off only goes on full price stuff. I under stood it was on my entire order.
Anyway they need to make the ordering process less confusing. List the order you have to buy stuff and clearly state the % is only on what you buy at full price.


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Jan 19, 2006
Well, there is no "order" that you have to buy stuff. You just can't double/triple dip on benefits. I always explain to my Hosts that the benefits are (for the most part) independent of each other.
  • Put everything you want to purchase in the cart, minus the monthly host special. Indicate which 3 items you want at 1/2-price (I can see a box that you check mark for that under the items).
  • Then $250 free is taken from those items that are not already 1/2-price. When the $250 is subtracted from those items, the 25% is taken off of amount that goes above and beyond the $250.
  • Finally, decide on your Monthly Host Special item. That's already 60% off so no other discounts are applied to that item.
Hope that's helpful for the future.