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PC Open House


Silver Member
Mar 20, 2005
I am new to PC, I want to do an Open House but my house is too small. Is it okay to do one at a meeting room at a local hotel? Please help. Also any ideas on flyers or invitations for Open Houses? Jeanette


Jan 31, 2005
Hi Jeanette - I had the same issue not too long ago. My husband is in the military and I am doing a show for our wives club (about 40-50 wives) next month. My kitchen and living room combined couldn't seat that many people comfortably. So the host and I decided the battalion classroom (which is a classroom type environment the guys use) would be the perfect place. And because I won't have access to an oven, stove, etc. I am doing a sip-n-dip theme for the warmer months ahead. Anything that needs the use of a major kitchen appliance, I am making ahead of time. I would definitely consider a local hotel and invite as many people as possible because more than likely not everyone will be able to attend. Take advantage of the large area! Best of luck to you!!

Erica :)