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PC on the ROAD


Jul 21, 2005
I just got back from our holiday trip from our home just outside of Boston, MA to my SIL's house outside of Washington, DC. I saw several PC stickers on vans and cars, including one of those big ones from town and country that my husband noticed, and said, "Hey - should you have one of those?"

I wish I had had my whisk or something with me, I could have flashed the "I am a consultant too!" sign to the folks I saw. Maybe I should get me one of those stickers....

Does anyone have one, and have they had any luck getting business from it?




Nov 2, 2005
I just ordered mine yesterday, but wondered the same thing. although I figure, if I get just one sale or party from it, it was well worth the expense! Plus, we don't know if the new vendor will have this item available! I'll post again once I have it (she said about 10 days) and if it works at all!

Ange :cool:
Nov 23, 2005
I have purchased my window decals but I'm waiting for my hubby help me to apply them to our vehicle. I bought them because another consultant here in my area gets leads from hers pretty frequently. :D
Aug 15, 2005
I ordered my window decal back in September. I was starting to wonder if anyone ever noticed it. Well, last week Monday, after picking up my daughter from school, I pulled into my driveway and parked instead of pulling into the garage. A woman in an SUV passed my house then stopped, backed up and stopped in front of my house, put down her window and enthusiastically yelled out "Do You Sell Pampered Chef?" I told her yes and asked her if she wanted a catalog. She did and actually wanted to do a catalog show and called me back on the night before Thanksgiving with about $250 in orders.

It turns out that she lives only about 6 houses down the road and she said she had noticed my sign a few times when she picks her kids up from school and had been trying to track me down.

So, that is my testimony that it does get noticed. Since then I have been keeping my van in the driveway. Hopefully, I will run into more people that will actually be proactive and call, go to my website, or stop me.



Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Very cool!! I have one of the magnetic ones. I've had a fair amount of interest and everyone at the preschool knows I sell it, but it hasn't led anywhere quite yet. BUT, one of my consultants who is just starting out was a lead that came about through my car magnet! She called me after seeing my car in a grocery store parking lot that I RARELY go to. Boy, was I glad I stopped there that day!