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PC Offers MORE than the others....

Kelley Sells

Feb 2, 2006
I just had to put this up....I am hosting a Partylites Party at my home for a friend as a booking from HER party....I'm a nice person....sooooo

I got home after her party, the consultant had NO, repeat NNNOOOO contact info on her receipts, her catalogs, NOTHING, it was all blank:eek: (that's just the beginning)

So I FINALLY get a hold of her , okay, she got hold of ME...via email.....and we book a date, I asked if she would drop off the host packet and if she could include about 40 invitations. "Oh, I don't use invitiations"...okay, I asked about E-invites, she said "OH YES..." asked for her website, she said "no, just send them emails and then forward to me their ADDRESSES so I may send the reminder cards....."...

Can you EVER imagine, so I asked her AGAIN about the e-invites and she said that they HAD the capability, but she hasn't worked on her website YET....she's been a consultant since Nov.....SO, then she says "yeah, I think it will be ALOT easier for my hosts..." DO YOU THINK?:eek:

My point being:
PAMPERED CHEF gives us SOOOOO much to be able to make it easier for our hosts, it is AMAZING.....look at the other companies out there....
Although they are two different animals, it is the same principal, home parties.

Thanks PC....


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May 18, 2005
I don't think it's PartyLite...

Okay, obviously I love Pampered Chef, but I need to defend PartyLite, too. The problems described in the first post aren't PartyLite issues, they're issues with the consultant! A friend of mine sells PartyLite, and actually, she's the one that introduced me to my director/recruiter. We host shows for each other twice a year, and she mails out my invitations (she's the reason I started doing that, too - it saved me time!) and I send out e-invites (if I want) from her website. She has a monthly newsletter, too (its actually sent out through PartyLite - she just has to provide PL with the e-mail addresses she wants the newsletter sent to).

Just my 2 cents...


By the way, my PL consultant earned over $85,000 last year!


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Jun 22, 2005
As far as the consultant's rolls, I don't know much..
But I do feel our host program rocks!! I have yet to see one that compares...aren't we the only one that offers 10% off for a full year???!!! Some parties I have had, when I got a booking... I didn't get any benefits at my friend's show, I was just another guest! Our booking benefit is amazing!

I do know that we don't have to pay a fee every time someone uses a credit card, I know some other consultants have to. And keeping inventory is nice when you go to a party and come home with what you bought, but as a consultant, I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and cross my fingers until someone buys it...AND have to store it somewhere in my house. And I think only Avon can beat us with start up costs... $50!! That's cheap! It is made back with the first show... and then some!
And hey!! We can get insurance now...great for those who don't have other insurance thru a spouse or other job.

I don't want to bad mouth any other business... Different strokes for different folks... glad the world is so colorful!
Apr 1, 2006
"BeautiControl" gone wrong!

I have to tell you all about my experience this previous week with a "BeatiControl" show consultant. Their products are actually very nice. They deal with massage/relaxation products. But on the other hand, they are very much like Mary Kay with all of their makeup/beauty supplies. So, all in all, the prices are much more expensive than Mary Kay's.

I have to say that the consultant was very knowledgeable about her products, but was VERY chincy when it came to the catalogs/order forms, etc. She didn't let anyone keep a "catalog". She used regular school folders (two pockets and the 3 clasp center), had photo-copies of the catalog pages held in place with the 3 clasps and had a consultant brochure with an order form, and that was her "catalog". I know that some people have money problems and ordering catalogs aren't affordable at times, but this was ridiculous! She had been doing these shows for about a year and didn't hand out business cards or anything! At the end of the show, she hunted everyone down to get those folders back. She is a massage therapist, and she makes a decent amount of money. But with her actions and materials, it just made her look unprofessional.

I wish I had her business card to invite her to one of my shows. :)
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Feb 17, 2006
My best recruit came from BeautiControl. She left them when she saw what all we have to offer!

I also must defend PL, I have a great consultant here that I absolutely love and I don't think what you encountered is the norm...but, I also must say that PC has one of the best host programs around.


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Jul 23, 2005
my opinion is that PC is very generous and has an awesome hostess program. BUT!!! so does discovery toys!! in all honesty the 10% discount doesnt impress me much. i have several PH that dont even use there discount and havent bothered using it at all since they got it. so whats the point of having it if you dont use it? i've said it before....its great to love PC but dont look down on other companies!! they rock too just in there own way!!


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Jan 4, 2005
I love PL candles. All I know about them is a friend of mine who I am trying to recruit used to sell PLite and was thinking about rejoining. She is a fulltime college student and works. She decided not too because she was told they require you to sell $500 every two months. I know that doesnt sound like alot to us, but with her schedule, she does not want something she is REQUIRED to do.
Sooner - Im sure you have an awesome PLite Consultant, I just know the one party I've been too, I had the same experience as above. Photocopied catalog, photocopied order form, took 6 weeks to get our order etc. Consultants fault all of it, Im sure.


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Jul 21, 2005
Other consultants

I think a lot of these issues are the consultant him/her self. I sometimes get things from other direct sellers with their name/info stamped or labeled and some don't. I for one don't give anyone a catalog without making sure that my label or stamp is on it so they can get back to me. I also let those that want my catalog and card take them and hope they will remember me and call or e-mail me when they want to place an order. I just seem to think that it is a good business practice. I just don't seem to think that some of these people realize what they are doing when they give you a catalog or order form without their info.


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Feb 19, 2006
Unfortunately....all it takes is one bad experience sometimes to sour someone on any given company. I have had home shows with every company under the sun. I have had good and bad and FABULOUS and HORRIBLE consultants....but when it comes right down to it...I favor PC. Regardless of the whole PHD.....FREE is FREE with PC. As a host you NEVER pay for shipping and you NEVER pay tax on something you got for FREE! Of course, overseas on military bases you never pay tax anyway but that is a whole different ball of wax.
Was there even a point in there? I think that maybe impressions are lasting so I always make the best one I can. BTW......I am perplexed by the whole not putting contact information on your stuff. Unless she was suffering from CRS syndrome...............

Have a Pampered Day!

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
I was in the post office out of state over Christmas mailing out a host packet to a Jan. host when someone noticed my purse "Ask me about The Pampered Chef". She said she just went to a party a week ago, but the lady wouldn't let her take a catalog home. She wanted to check the products she already had and then place her order. She told this to the lady and even said that she would collect orders from her family, but this PC consultant still said no! Craziness!

My family was in the van waiting for me, but we waited for her to be done in the Post Office and I gave her a catalog when she came out. She wanted to buy all of our knives and had some questions about that. So I answered her questions and sent her off (with a prayer). Sure enough she called me the next day and placed a $100 order!!

Even if I'm running short I always let guests take a catalog. I've had people call me months later saying, "I've had this catalog here for months now and am finally getting around to making my list" or "I saw your catalog at a girlfriend's house and it has been awhile since one of us had a party. I'd like to host one". That has happened so many times.

My husband couldn't believe that her consultant wouldn't spare a catalog. Live and learn!