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PC in Parenting...


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Sep 13, 2005

:D I just opened my April 2006 Parenting Magazine and was happy to see the Pampered Chef Food Chopper!! It is listed as a Time-saver! Here is what it says::D

"What I couldn't live without"

"My Pampered Chef Food Chopper is a big time-saver. I use it to cut up everything from veggies to cookies, and I can easily control how fine I want something to come out." Jeannette Stidham Lebanon, OH

$29; pamperedchef.com, 800-266-5572

So....run, :D don't walk, to your newsstand now and pick up "Parenting!"

I put these advertisements in my binder!! People love em!!
Nov 16, 2005
I saw this too!!! I was so excited to see it in there. My husband made fun of me for a good ten minutes for getting worked up over it, but it helps to show people how great it is!