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PC Biz Web Pages....??


Sep 26, 2005
I have been to many of your pc.biz sites. Do they all look the same? Do you not get to personalize your page and make it different? I don't see what sets one person's web-page apart from the other. Does having that site really increase your business much?

Tricia Ann :eek:
Sep 20, 2005
they have templates for us to choose our layout from, but the same info is on each with the exception of the news area and what we say on the homepage...They also have suggestions for what to say in these areas and people tend to use them. I think the websites are wonderful, especially for out-of-towners who want to add their order to their friend's show. Also great for holiday shopping and individual orders.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
There are a few different choices of layouts and all the "news" items are choosen by the consultant. They provide us with some pre-formatted scripts, but we can also customize them ourselves. I have a mixture of both. I strongly believe they increase my business. Matter of fact, the other day I received an individual order on there from someone I don't even know. The extra orders I have received on my website has by far paid for the minimal subscription cost, which is about $6/month.

The option to have a website that the PC technical support teams have created for us is SO nice, especially those of us (me included) who can get very frustrated with computers at times! :D


Jul 12, 2005
I agree. I too received two orders this past month from people I didn't even know, in different states! It was an additional $100 in commissionable sales for the month!

I also really like it for the hosts. I set up all my shows on line, and 90% of my hosts take advantage of the webpage, sending evites, and telling their guests that they can order online for their show.

I make sure that I update my website monthly. I will usually add my own News information, either by tweaking the script PC gives us, or making one up on my own. Some people put their picture on the home page, I've put pictures from Conference on the page, etc. Although the templates are the same to choose from, the information on the page is up to you!

I also like to be able to post my calendar information on the page, inviting people to host a show or attend a meeting.

You definitely need to promote the webpage, but it's well worth the cost. I tell my guests at my shows about it, put it on the guests' invitations, and post in in my monthly email newsletter.


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Silver Member
Oct 11, 2005
The website is AWESOME!

I think the website is great. It is so easy to use, too! There are only so many templates you can choose from, but I kinda like that there is some consistency between sites.

You have to get the site! My first order paid for mine for the year! It is also wonderful for the hosts, too. And now with the newest section, its even better for group emails~