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Patriotic Products and more


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Apr 13, 2004
1) Table Cloth - makes a great table covering but I had one lady order two to put on her sofas and one lady bought one to use as a Picnic blanket. One lady also suggested as it is warm, soft and comfortable, she is getting one to use as a wrap. (You know, for those cooler nights and your sitting on the couch all curled up!)
2) Picnic Party Pack - One Woven Rectangle Selection. Put in liner. Add the Outdoor Party Plates as they fit in the basket perfectly. Add half folded napkins on one side of the plates and push plates against them to hold them in. Add plastic flatware and the Salt and Pepper Mill. Take it all to the picnic table in one trip. And of course the tabel is covered in the same red, white and blue as the liner. Ketchup and mustard bottles would probably fit in there as well.
Just some thoughts!