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Pampered Chef: Past recipe

  1. mypamperedmoocow

    mypamperedmoocow Member

    Does anyone have a catalog from fall 2004? I think that was the catalog that had a recipe inside using the cranberry New Traditions pie dish--from what I can remember, it was a white pie with chocolate shavings on top??? The only thing i really remember is the fact that it used the cranberry colored pie plate and that I thought it looked really pretty and delicious. Can someone help me? I would really like the recipe! Thanks in advance!
  2. chef_leeanne

    chef_leeanne Member Silver Member

    Emily - here is the recipe I believe you are looking for. :)

    Lee Anne

    Attached Files:

    Sep 20, 2005
  3. Shawnna

    Shawnna Senior Member Gold Member

    that recipe is wonderful!!!!

    Sep 20, 2005
  4. mypamperedmoocow

    mypamperedmoocow Member

    Yes, That's It!!

    Lee Anne-

    Thank you so much! That's the one I have been looking for for nearly a year now! I just thought it was so beautiful in the picture, but I threw away my copy of the catalog and didn't remember about it until I went looking for it--figures it would happen that way! LOL

    Thanks again!
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