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Pampered Chef: Past Host

  1. jnsr96

    jnsr96 Member

    Hi...Not sure if I should post this here, but... I had a show tonight that was booked off of another show. The consultant of the 1st show was my recruiter and she gave me the show when I signed... So the question is, how do I give the past host discount for the monthly special if I didn't do her show? TIA!
    Oct 9, 2009
  2. Jennie4PC

    Jennie4PC Legacy Member

    if the show was booked off the show all you need to do is put in the PHD then the host special #

    Ex. Jane booked off Amanda's show. Jane has her show and Amanda wants a knife just put in Amanda's Discount # and it should work fine for you.

    I hope I helped you out
    Oct 10, 2009
  3. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    The booking benefit follows the host, not the consultant.
    Oct 10, 2009
  4. pckellyd

    pckellyd Member Gold Member

    If she doesn't know her discount # you can look it up on the pc site. Along the right and towards the bottom there should be a link for host lookup.
    Oct 10, 2009
  5. Becca_in_MD

    Becca_in_MD Veteran Member Gold Member

    Your recruiter should help you with this since it's her past host and you're her recruit.
    Oct 10, 2009
  6. jnsr96

    jnsr96 Member

    Thanks...I got her PHD and entered it...just wanted to make sure it wouldn't get kicked backed to me after it is submitted.
    Oct 10, 2009
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