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Past Host Number



I may have missed this some where, but I can't figure out how to find a past host's number. I know she had a show, with another consultant in November last year. I wasn't a consultant then and I had just done my own show in October. She is wanting to order off of a show that I am having this month and can't locate her past host #. Is there somewhere I can go to find her #? I am not familiar with the consultant that she did the show with, but I want to make sure that she gets her discount. Thank you for all your help.

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
Does she have her past host discount # with her or did she lose it? I know one of my hosts couldn't find their host # and I called HO and they gave it to me. She was a host for me though and not another consultant. If you can't get her number from her then maybe try calling HO. Or get the consultant's phone number who she did the show with last year and call her for it.


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
Log into Consultant's Corner. The in Frequently Visited Links box, click on Host Lookup. That should help you.


Thank You

I will try getting on to CC and see if that will work.